What Doctors think about virtual congresses!

With most of the world being in lockdown we are all looking for new ways to continue to lead our lives as normally as possible, from personal Zoom quiz nights with family to gathering market research at work from sources that don’t require personal contact. For healthcare professionals, they are adapting their day-to-day as well as larger activities, to continue to support patients and engage with peers during the COVID pandemic.

Many of the tools for doctors to adapt have already been available, but we have seen increasing use of video consultations and social media to ask their global peers questions.

As we start the season of medical congresses, many organisations have now chosen to either cancel or continue their meeting virtually. Medical congress meetings draw thousands of attendees from around the world and are a great opportunity where pharmaceutical companies and doctors alike can interact in-person.

Traditionally during these times we have also seen an increase in social media activity by doctors engaging with their global peers, sharing content and highlights from the congress. With this change in format, what do doctors think about virtual congresses?

Doctors show excitement for virtual congresses but in-person contact missed

Many doctors have expressed their excitement about virtual meetings from medical organisations and shared their excitement of the launch of virtual congresses and were actively sharing the news to their peers as congress after congress was made virtual.

Off the back of this news, doctors were sharing the benefits of having virtual meetings, such as being more accessible for people to participate, no expense for travelling and saving time.

However, several doctors also expressed that they miss in-person meetings. For many doctors this is a key time to interact with peers and network. Following the congress of the American Association for Cancer research (AACR) on April 27 – 28th 2020, Charu Aggarwal, a medical oncologist, shared how much she missed the atmosphere of in-person congresses and connecting with her friends and colleagues, a sentiment which was shared by many doctors.

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