IACP Online Conference a Massive Success

CIMGlobal is riding high on the success of its latest virtual event, the 4th convention of the prestigious Indian Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, which was held on the 1st and 2nd of August.

Initially scheduled to be held in Ooty in April, the conference had to be cancelled and moved online in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Any concerns over the decision to make the event a hybrid one proved to be unfounded as the virtual conference on Pharmacy Practice and Beyond, which had expected to see around 500 attendees, was overbooked, and had registered close to a whopping 1,100 attendees.

Members that attended the conference also left glowing reviews, highlighting how the sessions exceeded their expectations.

Our feedback assessment – based on the inputs of around 840 attendees – on a wide array of aspects ranging from the speaker’s presentation skills to accuracy, documented high levels of satisfaction, enthusiasm at recommending the event to a colleague and eagerness to return for another event.

If the statistics are any indication, hybrid events are here to stay! CIMGlobal is now better equipped than ever to offer the best of resources, technology and relevant strategic approach to enable events to smoothly and successfully transition from physical to digital.

Special thanks to IACP for trusting us with this prestigious event and allowing us to share in their success.

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